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Classical Singing Technique combines with 
your own expressive interpretation
to expand your singing artistry.

Nancy Klingman has been one of the best role models for me. She helped me discover a passion and talent that I would have barely used without her. Her teaching is thoughtful and instructive. She always knows what to say. I am so glad I found her as soon as I did because she has changed my life.  
Malinda Wagstaff

Not only has Nancy Klingman  been an amazing voice teacher to me these past few years, but she has been one of the most positive influences in my life. In addition to helping me apply to colleges in Voice, she went above and beyond in helping me do piano recordings too. Nancy was a cheerleader throughout the entire process and throughout my high school career. She cares for her students, but she’s always there to help everyone regardless of studio. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and she has always been in my corner. She’s made me feel like family.  I appreciate everything Nancy has done for me. I’ll hold my time in her voice studio close to my heart as I go off to college.

​Anna Nowland

I've been seeing Nancy for six months now. Prior to this, I tried online training and videos.  It took me a while to decide that in- person voice lessons might help. However, once I got in there my doubts were completely over. She has taught me techniques that I really thought only belonged to people with a natural ability to sing. I've found they're techniques that can be used in any type of singing and most importantly they can be learned.

What attracted me to Nancy's classes originally was her classical training and performance background. Her prices were competitive even when the comparison was with other peoples' online prices. She was the only one that responded when it came to my intake forms because 1. I didn't know if I wanted to take more than one lesson. 2. I only wanted to do half hour lessons. 3. I am somewhat introverted.

I've stuck with Nancy because I've learned something each time I go to class. I'm able to sing notes that I thought were not possible for me. The resonance in my sound has become wonderfully colorful. She teaches out of her own home studio. It is a comfortable environment where I can sing and practice. She gives me the tools, encouragement, correction, and confidence that we all need to thrive.

This is the teacher you've been looking for. Learn how to use and care for your most available, complex musical instrument, your voice!

Richard Kimball

I have to admit that when I first arrived at Nancy Klingman's studio I was very nervous.  Well...I was downright scared!  She immediately made me feel welcome and I lived through my first lesson with her.  I was amazed at what she was able to bring out of my voice in just one lesson.  I have now been taking lessons from Nancy for over three years.  She has brought me so far during that time.  My voice has grown miles beyond what I thought it could be. With her talent, wit, and relentless drive for bringing out the most  in a person, she is the best teacher I have ever studied with, and I have worked with several.  She is kind  and sincere, and she can work me harder than any teacher I have met.  If you are looking for the best, look no further!
Drew Smith

Nancy has been a wonderful teacher for me.  I dreamt of becoming a member of the Spokane Symphony Chorale, and after a failed audition years ago, was recommended to her as someone who could help me with my confidence as well as my singing and sight-reading.  After a year of her teaching I auditioned and was accepted into the Chorale on the condition that I keep taking lessons from her.  Nancy is extremely patient and encouraging, and is highly regarded in the Spokane community.  She is also FUN and she understands when life gets in the way of practicing at times. (Though it is always better to be prepared!) I hope to continue taking lessons from Nancy for many years to come.
Beth Bousley


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​Klingman Voice Studio.

I always wished I could sing better, just for my own enjoyment.  Finally, as an adult, I decided to make my wish a reality and take voice lessons.  I had no idea it would be so much fun!  Nancy put me at ease from the very beginning and we laugh our way through almost every lesson.  Her instruction is kind while challenging me to continually improve.  My voice has risen to heights I never would have thought possible.  It is a joy and honor to be one of her students and I hope to continue studying with her for many more years.

Wendy Taylor