Why Sing?

Voice Study Voice lessons allow the singer to take technical and artistic areas of learning and translate them to emotional expression.  I believe that learning to sing can be a journey where diligent work and joy are partners.  The voice studio is a safe and constructive environment where the student can be free to try new ways of thinking and to experiment with new sounds. Singing unites body, mind, and spirit.  It can carry us to a place unreachable by any other path.  

The Young Voice  Voice study typically begins no earlier than age 15. Even at this age the vocal mechanism is still developing.  Great care must be taken to nurture its growth and to introduce sound technical concepts as appropriate to the individual. Ask me about an assessment for a younger singer.  Also, I can recommend some good options for development of a younger singer prior to voice lessons. 

The Adult Voice There is no maximum age for voice study!  All voices can enjoy great refreshment by way of a Technique Tune-Up.  It is wonderful to know that the singing voice grows richer with age. Clear Technical Understanding and a more fine-tuned coordination help the Adult Singer to enjoy the gift of expressive singing as long as there are songs to sing! 

Classical Singing Technique combines with

 your own expressive interpretation
to expand your singing artistry

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